CCleaner Professional for Mac 1pc


New CCleaner for Mac Professional can scan your hard drive and find bad, blurry, badly lit, or identical-looking photo files within seconds and remove them.

Save extra space by finding and removing unwanted system junk.

Find and wipe away cache or temporary files and automatically empty your Trash folder. Reclaim even more space by finding and removing duplicate files within a few clicks.

Stop large apps that you barely use hogging your hard drive.

Unlock more speed and space from your Mac by detecting and removing large or redundant apps.

Keep your online activities and accounts safer from prying eyes or curious hands.

Automatically remove browsing history, cookies, and sensitive data like autofill passwords and email addresses from your web browsers—all to a set schedule of your choice.


  • Delete junk, duplicated photos, and files to get back lost space on your Mac’s hard drive.
  • Locate redundant apps that could slow down your Mac and uninstall these with ease.
  • Keep your browsing history to yourself and delete sensitive autofill data to tighten security.


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