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AVG Mobile Ultimate  gives you the best features, tools and services

Antivirus protection
Enjoy protection against hackers, ransomware, webcam hackers, and malware of all kinds thanks to specialized layers of security.

Faster performance
Work 30% faster and start 79% sooner with a suite of powerful optimization and cleanup options.

Powerful 256-bit encryption
Secure your connection with military-grade encryption that lets you use public Wi-Fi securely and anonymously.

Enjoy three of AVG’s best services in one convenient package

AVG Mobile Ultimate is an all-in-one package that includes the three most powerful and popular services. You can secure, optimize, and encrypt your mobile device.

Internet Security
Comprehensive protection made easy
With real-time threat detection, ransomware and webcam protection, Remote Access Shield, and an enhanced firewall, you get everything you need to stay safe from any threat.

Secure VPN
Private and secure browsing
Stay safe and private online with our powerful VPN. Secure any Wi-Fi network, hide your IP address to keep your online activity private, and get access to your favorite online content no matter where you are in the world.

Mobile Bundle
Protect your Android device
Equip your Android device with the secure tools and software you need to protect your data from malware, thieves, and other threats. AVG Mobile Security includes a powerful antivirus scanner, anti-theft features to help you track a lost phone, app locks, and more.

AVG Mobile Ultimate  has more features

  • Battery Profiles
    Switch between different profiles depending on the situation to maximize performance and minimize battery consumption.
  • Device Lock
    Add an extra layer of protection to your device to prevent unwanted visitors from accessing your phone.
  • Startup Optimizer
    Prevent software you don’t use or care about from slowing down your device’s startup time and speed up the process.
  • Payments Protection
    Make sure all your online payments are encrypted and safe from hackers and spies.
  • Smart Photo Cleaner
    Effortlessly find duplicate and low-quality photos and delete them so you have more space for the important stuff.
  • Worldwide Content Access
    Bypass geo-blockages by connecting to remote servers around the globe so you can enjoy content anywhere.
  • Sensitive Data Protection
    Secure your most valuable files with an extra layer of protection that ensures the most important data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.
  • Anti-Theft
    Use a range of features, including a camera trap, GPS tracking and more, to find a lost phone and expose thieves.
  • Automatic Maintenance
    Perform automatic tuneups at a time that suits you to ensure your devices are always running optimally.




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