CCleaner for Android Pro 1pc

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CCleaner can give your Android a performance boost, by clearing out unneeded files that clog up your device and slow it down. It can also save you space, meaning you can install more apps and save more photos!

The Android app is built on the same powerful cleaning technology that our Windows and Mac software uses.

Using CCleaner for Android, you can tackle:

  • Privacy: Delete old SMS messages, call logs, browser history and app data.
  • Speed: Speed up your device by removing unnecessary files that could be slowing it down.
  • Processes: Stop unwanted process from running, which use up system resources.
  • Unneeded Apps: Remove Apps that you don’t need any more, saving space for ones that you use more often.
  • Information: Access useful device statistics like CPU and RAM usage, storage and battery levels.


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