AVG Patch Management(1-200pc)


Patches are software and operating system updates that address security vulnerabilities within an application. Software vendors constantly release patches to fix vulnerabilities and provide enhanced security features. Patching can be complex and time consuming, but ignoring software updates isn’t an option.

If patches are not installed in a timely manner, networks can be severely compromised. Patch Management solves these issues by making it easy to identify and deploy critical patches, and monitor ongoing activity from a central cloud management console.

Patches are typically created in response to security vulnerabilities and other software issues. By ensuring that devices are updated, your business will be less open to security threats and running on the most stable software versions available.

Windows patch management automates this process to ensure your system is kept up-to-date and that every device is running the latest software.



Applying patches regularly will ensure your company network is protected from known security vulnerabilities.


Applying updates to every endpoint on a network can be time-consuming. If users are responsible for updating their own devices, this could result in significant cumulative downtime. Patch management software automates this process and can ensure that systems are updated outside of peak working hours.


Knowing that endpoints have been patched makes sure that your business is adhering to regulatory measures and operating to expected industry standards.


As well as patching vulnerabilities, updates can provide improvements to software features and functionality, allowing your organization to work with the best version of the tools available.






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