Avast premium security for mac1,3pc

The recent macOS malware attack dubbed Silver Sparrow drives home the fact that, contrary to myth, Macs are not invulnerable. Oh, it’s still true that Windows and Android are easier targets, but your Macs truly need antivirus protection. There are free options available, including Avast Security for Mac, but commercial antivirus utilities offer more features and do better in testing. Whether you choose Avast Premium Security for Mac depends on how important you deem the features it adds beyond the free edition.

This product’s appearance is close to that of Avast Premium Security for Windows. The spacious main window features a status indicator atop a purple background, with a big scan button just below. Four large buttons across the bottom give access to Core Shields, Virus Chest, Wi-Fi Inspector, and Ransomware Shield. The main visible difference from Avast’s free Mac protection is that the Ransomware Shield panel isn’t marred by a padlock icon.


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